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Welcome and Enjoy the experience of Ludmila’s Gallery

Ludmila Matiasikova was born in the Czech Republic on August 23, 1947

If I could introduce this lovely lady with only a few sentences I would say,

that in the first moment she will amaze you with her energetic spirit, soul, and gentle loving heart.

She will impress you with her sense of humour and positive attitude, just simply "to do" things and discovering the colourful magic of life.
It absolutely doesn't matter if you 17 or 71! To her, life is a game. With her positive energy, she is a powerful motivation for many people around.

Talented and creative artist. Intelligent and well educated hard worker with a beautiful heart.

Ludmila has a Red Diploma from Charles University in Prague where she graduated from Psychology at the beginning of her retirement age.

She learned how to ski when she was 60 and started to learn the English language at age 65.
Painting is her hobby and she would love for you to enjoy her exhibition!

 Thank you and Enjoy!!

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